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About Us


A group of factories in Turkey produce bathroom furniture since 2013.

Kgf Turkey offers tailored solutions for any bathroom design project, so we are able to meet any requirement in the various areas,mixers,bathroom cabinets,shower sets,Kitchens and doors.

Kgf Turkey offers a products to contracting companies and their projects in Turkey and abroad.

Our Factories:

KGF has facilities with the most advanced technology in Turkey with a production capacity that makes us one of the leading Turkey manufacturers.

Our facilities are strategically located to provide excellent service to our customers by sea and land in the international and Turkish markets.


Technical solutions:

We have Research and Development centres at our factories where new model projects are carried out, positioning KGF as a leader in innovation in the bathroom equipment sector.



We are constantly researching for new materials for our factories to produce modern and advanced products


Innovation team:

Four teams work together at KGF to develop innovative bathroom solutions. The designers and product engineers stand shoulder to shoulder with the prototype team craftsmen to finalise the details to set the quality standards under which the factory team produces.



1 million units manufactured and distributed Since 2013

30,000m2 of factories and warehouses space in Istanbul,Turkey.

Over 2.00 points of sale in Turkey.

Presence in over 50 countries

Quality certifications a SGS, TSE and TCS


Quality and environment:

At the KGF plants, we take the maximum care in all our processes: from the reception of raw materials to the delivery of the product to the customer.

The use of the most advanced electronic and digital techniques means we can monitor the entire manufacturing, storage and transport process; ensuring the traceability of the entire production process.

The raw materials and components we use to manufacture your furniture come from the most important suppliers in Turkey, who authorise and certify their materials; thus giving our products the highest quality finishes and operation.

To ensure the final quality of all the furniture and raw materials used, subsequent testing and checks are carried out at the SGS facilities.

At KGF, we adapt to the needs of each customer when personalising each bathroom solution and creating unique products for them. We can offer all types of products from 100% exclusive furniture to a product with the best value for money, due to our great production capacity. In addition, we offer the best delivery period from initial conception of the idea to making the product. We have high stock levels for all our items and so can supply product for all projects in the shortest possible time.